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Tree removal
Sediment/Debris Removal

We provide debris removal services for bridges, dams, water districts, pump stations, fish screens, including jetting and dredging services.

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Salvage recovery
Underwater Search & Salvage

We have salvaged many boats, cars, planes, commercial equipment and personal items.  Underwater cameras, ROV's and sonar are available if needed. 

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Underwater Weldin
Underwater Maintenance, Repair & Construction

Our services include the maintenance and repair of dams, fish screens, pipelines, reservoirs, marinas, potable water tanks, etc.

Fish Screen Inspection
Fish Screen Inspection & Cleaning

We have built our own specialized fish screen cleaning system and also have experience in working on a variety of fish screens and can provide consulting services for the best fish screens for your location.

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Dam repair
Powerhouses, Hydroelectric, & Dams

We provide services to hydroelectric facilities, dams, state and federal water agencies.

Commercial diving
Underwater Video & Photos

Our video system provides live viewing of the dive operation giving our clients the ability to make important decisions on site saving time and money.


North State Diving Inc. is a certified commercial diving contractor established in 1986 and has since been providing professional underwater services both inland and offshore for all of California.

We provide services for Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, state and federal water agencies, city and county water districts, public utilities, irrigation districts, farmers and individuals—to name a few.

 Our Dive Teams are made up of experienced certified commercial divers with diving degrees from the College of Oceaneering, Divers Institute of Technology and Santa Barbara City College.

We believe that the safety, commercial training, experience and certification of our dive teams are the most important qualifications we can provide and offer you to ensure quality diving services for your underwater projects.


Salvage and recovery


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